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Monday, March 24, 2008

Scanning the Sweet Sixteen NCAA Bracket

The morning after the three-bombs stopped falling, a bunch of us are sifting through the charred remains of our young, untested brackets. The brackets are older now and have gained experience. They are also full of holes.

ESPN's Andy Katz has a great rundown of the Sweet Sixteen field. He evaluates each team's manner of arrival, what it means for their program, and the drama factor involved.

Unsurprisingly, all the #1 seeds advanced. Surprisingly, Davidson knocked off Georgetown. Very surprisingly, Western Kentucky is still alive--at least for another game.

Of the remaining 16 teams, I successfully picked 10...which puts me above 500%:

  1. North Carolina
  2. Louisville
  3. Tennessee
  4. Wisconsin
  5. Kansas
  6. Stanford
  7. Texas
  8. Memphis
  9. Xavier
  10. UCLA
I missed these guys:
  1. Washington State
  2. Davidson
  3. Villanova
  4. Michigan State
  5. West Virginia
  6. Western Kentucky
Did anyone pick Western Kentucky to get here? Also, from Jeff Goodman, comes a post that makes me smile: ACC Proving Mediocrity. Goodman also rips the Pac-10 while stating that the Big 12 "exceeded [his] expectations." Ha ha ha.

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must_decrease said...

My bracket has held up rather nicely, 12 of 16 picks for the Sweet Sixteen, and 24 of 32 for the opening round. Western Kentucky is a surprise as is Davidson, Drake was a bummer. Also, in addition to the ACC going out like a pretender, did anyone think the Big East was this tough?

R. Sherman said...

Having been forced this year to eschew Bracketology due to the demands of continued matrimonial harmony, I am forced to get my hoops fix via computer.

Let's face it, nobody picks the upsets, so my guess is that just about everyone is in the same boat. As the Sweet 16 pools begin circulating, too many people will fall in love with the Davidsons of the world. Don't be fooled. NC is looking pretty darn awesome at the moment.


Ariel said...

Must_decrease, you bracket would kick my bracket's butt if they ever met in a dark alley. Thanks for rubbing that in. I've got to say, you've risen pretty rapidly through the bracketology ranks for a guy who came to serious NCAA fandom later in life.

due to the demands of continued matrimonial harmony, I am forced to get my hoops fix via computer.

I understand where you're coming from, and sympathize. My advice: do everything you can to convert your wife to March Madness.

I agree with you, the top seeds look very hard to kill this year. Even so, I'm toying with the idea of an early exit for UNC...

John B. said...

I missed Xavier, Washington State and Villanova, but picked Davidson and West Virginia. So, despite my flyers on Baylor, Winthrop and Drake, my Sweet 16 bracket is in decent shape--11 out of the 16.

Re the ACC: On the Selection Sunday show, the first two questions Billy Packer asked the chair of the selection committee were about how, given the ACC's #1 RPI rating as a conference, the committee could justify selecting only 4 teams from the conference; the chair's response was that the committee doesn't pay attention to that sort of stuff. Given Packer's questioning two years ago the committee's wisdom in selecting 4 Missouri Valley teams (I seem to recall Bradley was one of those 4; Ariel can confirm . . . ), I'm beginning to think that if Packer questions the judgment, it's actually the right decision.

Will Hicks said...

23 for 32, and 12 for 16.

Missed Wisconsin, Davidson, West Virginia, and West Kentucky. Had the rest.

My office pool awards points by (seed x round), so getting lucky with Villanova and Xavier just about won the whole thing for me already.

What's killing me is I had USC going to the Elite Eight. Blast you Michael Beasley. Blast you.


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