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Saturday, March 29, 2008

Kansas Plays "Perfect Game", "Tree Toppers" Go Home

I forgot which announcer said it as the KU-Villanova smackdown was coming to a close, something like, "The Jayhawks just played a nearly perfect game...the Wildcats just couldn't recover from the sensory experience of seeing the bottoms of their shoes as they threw down alley oop dunks."

He got the "sensory experience" part right, but if anyone watching that contest thought it represented a perfect game from KU, they haven't seen the Jayhawks' more commanding performances of the season, like the win over Texas for the Big 12 championship. "Perfect" is when the Jayhawks beat Texas again for the National Championship next weekend...at least that's what I'm saying after yesterday's games.

In other breaking news (this gets kind of complicated) Lindsay was sorry to see the Western Kentucky Tree Toppers lose. This happened after we were watching the Stanford mascot dance around, and somehow got the idea that it was repping Western Kentucky. I'm thinking officials from the two universities should put their heads together and sort out this mascot mayhem. Teams should aim for the kind of clarity and panache embodied by the Jayhawk.

Lindsay: "What is that mascot, a tree topper? That's what it looks like. A big, dancing Christmas tree. Kind of weird. The Tree Toppers, that's the team name, right?"

I don't think anyone in their right mind could blame you for the confusion, babe. I'm just glad that I can help sort it out with this blog post.

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John B. said...

Um . . .
WKU's mascot is the HILLtoppers.

Oh . . . and if I were KU, I'd note that one last group of Wildcats lies between the Jayhawks and San Antonio. Davidson will give KU all it wants to handle tomorrow, sir. Have a look at this--in particular, not just who they lost to, but by how much they lost.

I think KU will win, yes . . . but they'll have to play darned good basketball to do so.

littlepeace said...

A Hilltopper, apparently, is basicall just a red blobby thing with arms and legs.
So it might as well be a Treetopper for all the sense it makes.

Ariel said...

@ John B.: The HILLtoppers, I know. I was just giving Lindsay a hard time. But if you were looking at the Stanford mascot, thinking it was with W. Kentucky, you'd think "tree topper" before you thought "hilltopper." I trust I make myself obscure. :)

Good point about the Wildcats' record. Davidson is not going to be a pushover. They had narrow losses to Duke, UCLA and UNC, so they won't feel out of place playing a team like KU.

@ littlepeace: Don't even get me started on the real Hilltopper. It's even more baffling.


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