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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Big 12 Tournament Picks

Animated by rapidly rising levels of March adrenalin, I can't help but post my picks for the Big 12 Basketball Tournament (start tomorrow). Anyone who wants to print off a bracket for refrigerator use can find one here.

First Round (Thursday)
OKLAHOMA STATE beats Texas Tech
BAYLOR beats Colorado
NEBRASKA beats Missouri
TEXAS A&M beats Iowa State

Second Round (Friday)
OKLAHOMA STATE beats Texas (just when the 'Horns are thinking they own OK-State, they'll get drygulched--ok, maybe wishful thinking, but the Cowboys played UT tight last time )
BAYLOR beats Oklahoma (there's really not much separating these two teams)
KANSAS beats Nebraska
TEXAS A&M beats Kansas State (A&M needs a win to cement their NCAA position)

Semifinals (Saturday)
BAYLOR beats Oklahoma State (if Baylor combines three-point shooting with a strong game from Kevin Rogers, they have the firepower to advance to the final)
KANSAS beats Texas A&M (visualize a repeat of the game at A&M, but with a wider margin of victory)

Final (Sunday)
KANSAS beats Baylor (but it'll stay close for most of the first half)

Clearly, I'm going out on a limb here by keeping Texas out of the final. I'm putting it all on the line. So what are your picks? Leave them in the comments if you want to play...

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must_decrease said...

I'm with you in the 1st round:
OK STATE over Tech
BAYLOR over Colorado
NEBRASKA over Missouri
A&M over Iowa State

yet in the 2nd round:
TEXAS over OK State
BAYLOR over Oklahoma
KANSAS over Nebraska

TEXAS over Baylor (I see Baylor running out of juice, yet they will make a splash in the big dance)

KANSAS over Kansas State (A seasoned veteran squad bounces their instate rival, although it may be close early on)

For the third year in a row we witness a Kansas Texas final, only this time Sheron Collins controls the tempo of the game late and since Augustine can't play 40 min three days in a row, the Longhorns run out of gas late and KANSAS wins by 8
KANSAS over Texas

Consequently, the Jayhawks are in position to clench a 1 seed when another potential 1 drops early in their tourney, (Duke or UCLA)


R. Sherman said...

I shall respond forthwith. I must mull over my remarks and temper them in the forge of Christian charity.

Or not.


Ariel said...

@ Must_decrease: I like your scenario...especially the Sherron Collins bit. My gut says that KU is stuck with a #2 NCAA seed, but I'll cross my fingers.

@ Sherman: These are the times that try men's souls when they are MU fans. I feel your pain...and refrain from mocking it.

Lindsay said...

OSU beats Tech
BU beats CU
MU beats NU
A&M beats ISU

UT beats OSU
OU beats BU
KU beats MU
KSU beats A&M

UT beats OU
KU beats KSU

KU beats UT

My picks are clearly superior to my husband's... Let the games and smack talk begin!

Will Robison said...

I'll throw in my bit...

Cal upsets UCLA today. KU gets #1 seed after knocking off OKST in the final.

The rest are just details.

Will Robison said...

Wait... wait... what happened? Did I just see that Baylor got dumped by Colorado? What is up with Colorado teams the last two days? Have they been taking their HGH?

Anywho... UCLA is crushing CAL, so I guess we're all going to have holes in our picks. I stand by KU over OKST, however...


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