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Monday, March 31, 2008

Jayhawks Make Final Four...w/ a Little Luck

Monday morning, and I just put the final touches on a very long exhale.

I guess this is the part where I grudgingly admit that I underestimated Davidson. I underestimated Davidson. But let's name names: Stephen Curry. Did you see his behind-the-back dribble drive move? The one that he used multiple times in traffic to drive the lane? (The one I'll be wasting my time practicing in the gym.) Did you see his shooting stroke, the release that allows him to get off shots with about six inches of space between him and the defense? Ridiculous.

The Jayhawks missed shot after shot, and Brandon Rush and Darrell Arthur failed to leave their mark on the game at crucial points. I'm thanking Mario Chalmers and Sasha Kaun for this win, with a few other guys chipping in, and some crunch-time defense. For KU to have a shot at UNC, the Jayhawk star power has to be on display.

KU played so badly and with such a lack of poise that I'm wondering if the Final Four monkey was throttling the players as well as coach Bill Self. Let's hope so.

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Ched said...

The one I'll be wasting my time practicing in the gym


I'm sure you're glad Curry kept throwin bricks in the last few minutes, and was not able to get a shot off at the end.

That was a good game, which created a surprising amount of angst as a breaked from reading to watch the second half.

John B. said...

Ariel, I tried to tell you about Davidson. I try to set you on the right path, and where does it get me?

KU didn't win yesterday; Davidson lost. You watch the 'Hawks more closely than I do, so if I'm wrong, just say so. But for about 30 minutes of yesterday's game, it was hard not to get the feeling that Kansas thought it was going to win that game just by showing up. Once the perimeter players swallowed their pride and took turns chasing Curry and fed Kaun in the post, that won it for them. But just barely at that.

[Sorry--I'm still pretty grumpy about how badly Texas played.]

Will Hicks said...

UCLA will be waiting for KU. North Carolina is looking pretty strong though.

What is up with that stupid elevated floor? Did they say why they're doing that? I don't like it at all.

R. Sherman said...

I've been thinking this is NC's year, but I must confess, KU was growing on me -- until the Davidson game. I think the program's institutional memory carried the Hawks over the top, but that will be a wash in a game with the Heels. Perhaps KU can draw on the reservoir of ill will for Roy Williams, but everybody better darn well show up and play some ball for KU to get into the championship.

That said, I think the winner of the KU/Heels game takes it all.

Bernard Shuford said...

You underestimated Davidson because you don't know Davidson.

Davidson gave UNC a run to 72-68 in UNC's season opener. Davidson has kicked UNC's butt on many occasions in the past.

We wise UNC fans know to respect Davidson.

You faithful KU folks think they're just a bumped up high school team from Hicksville, NC.

Due respect, KU is very lucky to be where they are. Davidson had everything they need to win, and I would have been terrified to play them in the semis. While I respect KU as a b-ball team, they don't have as much cinderella drive as Davidson does.

Davidson is the real deal. And that's from a die-hard Heels fan.

Go Heels!


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