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Monday, September 11, 2006

Why is Life Bittersweet? What is This Blog About?

I’m glad you asked.

Here’s my short answer, followed by a trio of posts that will help you get the bittersweet picture.

Why is Life Bittersweet?
For me, bittersweetness materialized one day as I was trying to get an understanding of how my life could be so screwed up—and still there were these sudden moments of joy, lodged in my soul like glowing splinters. Why did they coexist? The conditions of my life have been somewhat adverse (all lives are this way), but Beauty inexorably asserted itself, even when conditions seemed darkest. Why? In my mind and heart, the reality of bittersweetness began to coalesce. I realized that life is nuanced, and we ignore the nuances at our peril.

What is This Blog About?
BitterSweetLife features my takes on life through a "duo-tone lens"—a perspective that notes the bitter and the sweet, how they merge, what it implies, and how it all points back to Jesus Christ... Mixed in you'll find hoops talk, satire, occasional poetry, photos, book discussions, and (running through it all), coffee.

Want to hear more? Try these:

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The Terms of Bittersweetness
What does it mean to say something is “bittersweet?”

Here are the latest posts on the topic (dynamically updated):

Finally, you could take a look at all the posts I've written that pertain to "bittersweetness" (a searchable index).

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e-Mom said...

Classic. I loved these posts the first time I read them.


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