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Thursday, September 14, 2006

Prosperity Gospel for the Rest of Us

Having linked a fittingly scathing post on Joyce Meyer's brand of the prosperity gospel yesterday, I'd like to follow up with the necessary counter-balance, provided by Carl Trueman:

What always challenges me about prosperity doctrine is that many of us who repudiate it in theory still practice it in reality. Every time we suffer a minor setback and are tempted to curse God in our hearts, that's practical prosperity doctrine. Every time we measure our success by the size of our churches, or the near-eschatological importance of our conferences by the number of attendees and the calibre of the speakers, or our self-worth by the Reformed megastar names we can drop in conversation, we make ourselves vulnerable to accusations that we too are committed to a form of the prosperity doctrine, more subtle and all the more deadly precisely because of that subtlety.

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Tom Spann said...

If you're interested, I weigh in on the issue of prosperity doctrine here. Despite my strong feelings on the subject, I'm definitely planning on writing a post confessing how much my daily life is tainted with prosperity doctrine. Assuming that most of the leaders and attendees of "prosperity" focused churches are Christians, they are our brothers and sisters after all.


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