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Wednesday, September 20, 2006

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Unfortunately, I just gave away my last “I [heart] BitterSweetLife” T-shirt, so you’ll have to settle for my admiration, combined with the fact that I keep subscription costs to a bare minimum. In fact, for a brief time, you can sign up absolutely free. Well, OK, it's always free. But still.

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* If you're wondering how a feed-reader can deliver all your favorite internet content in one place and save you time, here's my ten-second explanation of RSS (“Really Simple Syndication”). RSS is a painless way to grab "syndicated content," in this case, BitterSweetLife content. When you subscribe to an RSS "feed," the writing, photos, links, etc., in that feed are sent to your "feedreader," where you access them. Your degree of appreciation for RSS will probably depend on how many blogs & news sources you follow. If you regularly visit a bunch of sites by "physically" (ha) going there and scrolling around, getting all your favorite news in one place can be a big time-saver. Of course, it's also just cool.

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Anonymous said...

I get all your posts via Bloglines. :)

Ariel said...

Radio host and tech junkie - you're the man, Rodney. Now if I can just convince some more people to "go and go likewise," at least in the Bloglines regard.


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