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Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Contribute to BitterSweetLife

Chocolate Aidan

“Contribute” has a wide range of meanings, but there are only three I’m interested in right now. I feel silly, writing this, but here are the exciting options:

1. Give us money!
2. Link or promote this blog.
3. Write an article to be posted here or let me know about an article or blog that I should link to (maybe yours).

And now, as they say, for the small print.

How I Am Really Poor and Every Dollar Helps

First off, we want to affirm that God is the one who takes care of us. However, he doesn't typically do this by sending solid gold plates down from heaven (unless you are Joseph Smith, and we think he made it up). So I write this as a strong believer in God's working through secondary channels, by which I mean, well, you know.

Now for the part you've been expecting: I'm a poor college student who has to crawl through the sewer of the public education system (substitute teaching) to pay tuition and support my wife and child, all while blogging for the greater good. Please, please, help me.

What’s that? You want to help? Well, even five dollars helps. If you’d like to “contribute” monetarily, you can send cash instantly, securely and for free using PayPal. Go on, act on your altruistic impulse—do it now!:

How Links are the Currency of the Internet and You Should Send Some This Way

Some people like to spend about a dozen hours writing a flawless article steeped in profundity and then post it in a little corner where no one will ever see it. At least I am told such people exist. But since they are the Tibetan monks of the blogosphere, I have never met one.

Why ask for links? From time to time people tell me that something they found here was helpful. In the hopes that such experiences are not the random hiccups of a blind, drunk universe, I hope that you’ll think about cluing other people in to BitterSweetLife if you enjoy the blog.

How I Always Appreciate an Eye-Opening, Humorous, Bittersweet Article (Even When It’s Not Mine)

As you may have noticed, I write 99% of the content on this blog, and the remaining 1% is made up of the very, very, very rare “guest post” and occasional quotations from other blogs I link to. I enjoy writing. Very much. But I’d be open to writing, say, 95% of the content here if I found more writers/blogs/articles to exploit utilize.

There’s an opportunity here, is what I’m saying. If you’d like to “contribute” in any of the following ways, send me a note. (Contact link below.)
  1. Write a guest post to be featured on BitterSweetLife.
  2. Inform me of a post on your blog (or someone else's) which I should link.
  3. Tell me about a cool blog, (maybe yours) which would make me a better person if I read it/linked it.

Here's my contact form (opens in a new window).

Just keep in mind that it may take me a little while to get back to you, depending on how my supply of coffee beans is holding out.

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Kevin Stilley said...

Regarding your note "How Links are the Currency of the Internet and You Should Send Some This Way," I wanted to let you know that I link to you from HERE and HERE.

Ariel said...

Thanks, Kevin! I really appreciate it. Your check should be arriving shortly. ;)


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