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Monday, September 25, 2006

Painful Coffee Break

Today, remembering an earlier post about "blue collar (i.e. coffee) addictions," I knew it was time to adjust my life. I decided to break my long streak of coffee-infused mornings. So when I got up to grab Aidan and situate him on his multicolored, mind-stimulating, genius-creating play mat, I did not remove my coffee bean grinder from the kitchen cabinet.

A few minutes later, when I sat down read several chapters in Romans while watching Aidan attack his play mat, I did not listen to the reassuring sound of coffee percolating. And after I finished Romans 8, I was not greeted by the cheerful beep of my coffeemaker, inviting me to come and get it.

Moreover, when I woke up flat on my back three hours later, I most assuredly had not downed any coffee. But this oversight was quickly remedied; I spent the rest of the day in gainful employment, assisted by my old friend Kenyan Dark. At least for today, the collateral damage incurred by my "coffee break" was too high...

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Dan said...

Brutal. If I haven't had coffee by the afternoon I am in a cloud. Maybe keep the morning joe routine and cut back the afternoon cups (if applicable). The morning coffee routine is one of the highlights of my AM.

Ariel said...

I've decided. I think I'm going to quit the path of moderation in favor of a more libertine approach to coffee intake.

Good intentions can only take you so far in this war against sleep...


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