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Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Mark Moore Debunks Joyce Meyer & Christian Celebs

I just read my first Mark Moore post, over at The Resurgence, and he's got theological moxie and an excellent instinct for smack that needs to be developed. Check this:

That’s when it hit me. She was here. Joyce Meyer, the queen of charismania was here. I moved into the store to discover several hundred people, mostly women, waiting in line to get her autograph. As they stood in line they discussed how “anointed" she was while clutching her books, posters, and bobble head dolls. Strangely, there were a few men in line as well. Most of them had just come from the Thomas Kinkade section where they were looking for a new picture to put above their aquarium.

I'm linking this post because Moore skewers a brand of American Churchianity that I really hate, the saccharine-sweet "Jesus-loves-you-and-has-a-wonderful-plan-for
-your-life-that-involves-good-self-esteem-and-a-new-Caddie" variety. As she sprints toward the prosperity gospel, Joyce Meyer conveniently jettisons the human propensity for sin - which in turn relegates Christ's death on the cross to a nice, if theatrical, gesture.

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Andy said...

Amen - thanks for linking this post. This sums up a lot that is wrong with the way the American church operates these days. Nothing like a little bit of cheap grace...

Whole Wheat Bagel said...

Todd Wilken, who hosts Issues,Etc., has done some shows on Joyce Meyer. You can find them if you search the archives.

There was also a newspaper that did a story on her and her extravagant lifestyle.

I don't remember Jesus calling the rich to bring their possessions and follow him.

Anonymous said...

Abraham was rich. David was rich.
Solomon was rich. While I don't believe in the prosperity gospel, I don't believe in your poverty gospel either. It is not a sin to be rich.

Ariel said...

"Poverty gospel?" Not sure where you're getting that. The world needs more righteous rich, people who love Jesus with their hearts, minds, and bank accounts. Jesus' own ministry was financed by wealthy folks who received the gospel and stopped spending their cash merely on bling.

For the record, even I aspire to make mortgage payments.

Ariel said...
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Ariel said...
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