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Thursday, September 07, 2006

We Should Thank Starbucks?

Just a day after alluding to my preference for coffee shops that are not global-conglomerates-in-a-strip-mall, Gene Edward Veith suggested that I should actually be grateful to Starbucks:

Whatever people think of Starbucks, we owe the company a debt of thanks. Its popularity has improved the quality of coffee just about everywhere, from mom and pop diners to the local convenience stores. They no longer serve just colored water, but serious cups of coffee. In the economics of quality and competition, the tide of coffee has risen for everyone.

Hmm. Apparently I shouldn't be so quick to take a shot at the big guy.

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Andrew Simone said...

My friend who owns a coffee company agrees with Veith.

Whole Wheat Bagel said...

Coffee is so overrated ;).

Dan said...

I agree as well... but then again I'm on the payroll.

paddy said...

would thank the whole world when it comes to coffee ... it is just such a amazing thing to drink...

Ariel said...

"I agree as well... but then again I'm on the payroll."

Ha! Well that explains that. So are you going to hook me up or what? Send the gift cards this way! ;)

would thank the whole world when it comes to coffee

Yet another little window into God's mind-boggling (literally, in this case) creativity.

Alexys Fairfield said...

Hey Ariel,

Though I do not partake in this social exlixir of life, I can appreciate its appeal for the masses. Starbucks has certainly started a whole generation of kaffeeklatsch, but i's not really about coffee, it's about community of spirit and the forgotten the art of conversation. Although many people go to Starbucks to be 'alone.' They will sit at computers and surf the web because they want to be 'alone,' but deep down they too want to be a part of the new generation; that of social acceptance. People seem to come alive when they are in Starbucks, Every time, I pass one, people are pontificating and seem to be in the midst of profound discussions, even if it is about the lastest trend, at least they are actually having a conversation.

(I had to log in as 'Other' because I am using Blogger's Beta version and it won't let me log into other Blogger accounts that are not using Beta)

Mike Godfrey said...

Although Starbucks makes a passable cup of coffe-it has only picked up on what has existed for some time in Europe.. the cafe culture of France,Italy and Spain.The coffees there are in a class of there own that American coffees cannot match im afraid.Neros Italian coffee is fantastic!
The best kept secret in Europe is that the coffe to be had in Spain is second to none and available anywhere .


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