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Tuesday, September 26, 2006

KU is Number Two

KU Jayhawk

columnist Andy Katz has tagged the Kansas Jayhawks with his number two preseason pick, just below the returning NCAA champs, the Florida Gators. (When the two teams meet on November 25, look out for a huge early-season media fest, not to mention a preview of this year's championship game.)

I was mildly surprised to see another Big 12 team in Katz's top ten - and not one of the typical powerhouses. (Hint: there's a Bill Self connection.)

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John B. said...

It's interesting to see Texas A&M ranked so highly by this person. Not that I think it's too high a ranking, necessarily; just that it would seem to indicate that A&M has been underachieving for a couple of seasons now and, suddenly, it will start playing up to a nationally-ranked level . . . a strange supposition, no?

I have a team I pull for, as you know, but it was last season--in my opinion, a great season for fans--that I realized that what I'm a bigger fan of is college basketball itself. I mean, you gotta love a game in which teams like Bradley and Bucknell can cause a more highly-regarded team to exit the tournament in the first round in two consecutive years. :) Will we see such manifestations of parity again this season? I fully expect to. how 'bout you, Ariel?

Ariel said...

Texas A&M was good last season - mentally tough and well-coached. I tend to think the #10 ranking is overkill, though. If pressed, I would start them at, um...#18.

Same as last year, parity will be the name of the game. Don't look to see that parity expressed in any first round NCAA games involving the Jayhawks, though. Write it down now: Not happening.

I say that as a fellow fan of college basketball itself...(Believing, as I do, that the pure beauty of this sport will be most fittingly embodied in a KU trophy in March. :)


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