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Monday, March 17, 2008

March: Good for Blog Traffic, Bad for Health

Yesterday we threw a wild party with a bunch of extended family to celebrate Aidan's 2nd birthday, watched the NCAA Selection Show online, and went to bed. That was a good day.

During the night there was a lot of coughing, crying, and frequently altered sleeping arrangements.

And today we spent our time sneezing, whimpering, taking 30-second cat naps, and enjoying March Madness as much as possible. I decided to go public with some NCAA bracket strategery, and the resulting influx of traffic surprised even me (see graph). I guess I just didn't realize how much the world was clamoring for my bracket picks input. Won't make that mistake again...

Aidan did his part to lift the atmosphere, which was muggy with sleepiness and humidity from all the snot, by infusing his sickbed comments with a sincerity that made them seem almost sacramental: "Bless you, Asher, bless you." Also, the kid's flat out funny:

"Is that a bus? Is that a fire truck? No, it's Aidan, making noises."

Forecast: More bracketology, less sickness.

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