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Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Big 12 Coaches Call for 6 Tournament Teams

From the Sports Illustrated article:

The Big 12 has an RPI rating that's second in the country, nine teams already boasting at least 16 wins, and the nation's best winning percentage against ranked outsiders. So what would be a realistic number of NCAA bids for the Big 12?

"Realistic? Six," said Kansas coach Bill Self. "I think that's very realistic."

...The ACC is first in RPI rating, while the Pac-10 is third and the Big East is fourth. But adding to the Big 12's argument is that it has a winning record against every one of them. [Emphasis added, just because I can.]

Rick Barnes (TX), Pat Knight (TX Tech), and Mark Turgeon (TX A&M) join Bill Self in jumping on the Big 12 Sends Six bandwagon that started rolling several months ago...ahem, onthisblog. There are a handful of teams bunched at 7-7 with games left to play, but if someone held a gun to my head and forced to pick the tournament teams:
  1. Kansas
  2. Texas
  3. K-State
  4. Baylor
  5. Oklahoma
  6. Texas A&M
The last couple teams being the most in doubt.

In other breaking news, KU's 58-point humiliation of Texas Tech has them back in the hunt for a #1 tournament seed. Possibly in the Jayhawk's favor: Either Duke or UNC will lose this Saturday. I'm hoping it's UNC.

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must_decrease said...

Interesting you place K-State ahead of Baylor. I'm confident of Oklahoma's chances, yet unless A&M does something in the Big 12 Tourney I'm not as convinced. They were ranked as high as 7 this year, but have been blown out numerous times and much like K-State seem schizophrenic at times. Which team will show up?

Nathan said...

Rivals has us with 6.

It's still too early to tell, but we should get 6. I don't get how the ACC is so high and the big east that low?


Anonymous said...

Ahhh...Duke or UNC. A loss from either would be good but I don't know. I can't help but feel slightly loyal to UNC now that it's Roy Williams' team. And yet I still hold a grudge against him for leaving. It's such a complicated pile of emotions, ha. And I've gotta agree with must_decrease. Schizophrenic? Very. They've got everything stocked up on Beasley; without his all, they don't have much. I'm confident that the Jayhawks will clinch a number one seed. This is definitely our year to make it and win the championship. :-)

Ariel said...

@must_decrease: You're right, Baylor's bid to the big dance is already locked up while K-State's is still kind of iffy. I think the Wildcats will make it if only because no one wants to leave Beasley off the national stage, but I didn't mean to imply that Baylor is the weaker team.

What makes K-State schizophrenic? One word: Walker. He seems to be kind of a head case.

I think A&M plays Baylor tonight...if A&M can win that one, it will help their tourney chances big time.

@Nathan: I think the Big 12 is starting to get some of the nat'l recognition it deserves. It's a good sign that various national media sources are starting to beat the Send Six drum...

@Ally: I can't help but feel slightly loyal to UNC now that it's Roy Williams' team.

Honestly? I feel kind of the opposite. I get a smirk on my face whenever Roy loses...but that's because I'm a fairly immature person at heart...I'll get better after a few tournament wins this year.

I think a #1 seed is definitely within reach for the 'Hawks. We just need a couple powerhouse teams to lose (Memphis? TN? UNC? Duke? Texas?) and to finish the season strong, advance to the final round of the Big 12 tourney.


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