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Friday, March 14, 2008

Rush to the Rim?

Brandon Rush discusses his baffling habit of tossing soft floaters toward the hoop when he has the ability to reach the rim whenever he wants to. From the KC Star article:

“I don’t know why I continue to shoot the floater,” Rush said. “It hasn’t fallen for me in like two years, so …”

“I’m like, ‘What was that?’ ” Rush said. “I do that sometimes. I wonder what I’m doing out there.”

Bill Self: “In today’s time, with emphasis on getting the ball to the paint and driving it, you need to have that,” Self said. “And of course the best floater shooter on our team is Mario, hands down. He might be as good as anybody in the country at doing that, and Brandon’s not. But Brandon likes Mario and watches him a lot, so I guess he’s trying to imitate him.”

If you're a Jayhawk fan, you're scratching your head while crossing your fingers at the same time.

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