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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Sweet Sixteen (Current) NCAA Bracket Picks

Second-chance NCAA contests can be found all over the web, so if your Sweet Sixteen bracket looks like Swiss cheese, there's still hope. With the games a day away, it's time to put my bad picks behind me and predict what happens next. Here's what I've got.

#1 North Carolina beats #4 Washington State. The Tarheels haven't really been tested yet in the tournament, and they'll have to wait until their Elite Eight match-up for that to happen.

#2 Tennessee beats #3 Louisville. This is one of the marquee Sweet Sixteen games, in my opinion, the other being Texas-Stanford. I'll go with Tennessee because they've had a tougher path so far, and this will be a game where the grittier team wins.

#1 Kansas beats #12 Villanova. Games aren't really about seeds at this point. 'Nova is justifiably praised for their guard play (Scottie Reynolds is the man), but the Jayhawks have more guards and better.

#3 Wisconsin beats #10 Davidson. The monstrous post presence of the Badgers overcomes Stephon Curry's hot hand.

#5 Michigan State beats #1 Memphis. I'm going to defy the supercomputer on this one and go with the better free-throw-shooting team. Free-throws are vital in the NCAAs despite what John Calipari says. Besides, I feel like I have to pick an upset.

#2 Texas beats #3 Stanford. Texas starts five NBA-caliber players and they play with composure, which will allow them to beat the Lopez twins.

#1 UCLA beats #12 Western Kentucky. After a near loss and a controversial no-call against A&M, the Bruins get to exhale. The Hilltoppers have no answer for Kevin Love.

#3 Xavier beats #7 West Virginia. Bob Huggins work with West Virginia this season is remarkable, but his luck finally runs out here--in a very close game.

Who are you picking?

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R. Sherman said...

Of course, I'm willing to defer to your hoops greatness, so a quick query: How come Stanford gets to play Texas and Tennessee? I thought that was a KU trick -- lose in one Region and then high tail it to another to play wearing Groucho glasses or something.


Ariel said...

Man, I really must be slipping...fixed.

jason said...

Well I have one on you so far.

We'll have to see what happens with Michigan State and Memphis.

And while I have to give it to you, KU looks good. There is still plenty of time for them to underachieve. :)

Ariel said...

I missed three of eight, not so great. Good thing I have a good rationale for each of my mispicks.

And while I have to give it to you, KU looks good. There is still plenty of time for them to underachieve. :)

KU underachieved against 'Nova and still won by 20.


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