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Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Ode to Mysterious Espresso

O anonymous espresso beans,
mail-ordered by the visiting brother of our friend,
arriving after his transcontinental departure,
passed on to me through sheer good will
and because God knows I love my coffee:
I do not know your blend,
your roaster, or your point of origin,
only that you glimmer with oily luster in the bag,
only that you burst tiger-striped from the portafilter,
only that you cascade with abundant crema into my cup,
delivering a double shot of espresso
whose sophisticated, fragrant tastiness is surpassed
only by its air of mystery.

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must_decrease said...

I think I just cried a little

littlepeace said...

Query: Have you ever considered/attempted vlogging?

must_decrease said...


I see the bag says "Five Points" This is a hip area in the Atlanta Metro...Just a thought

AJ said...

must_decrease, you'll have to come by and try this stuff. Five Points is also an area in NYC...I googled it and came up with "Five Points Espresso" sold by a few bean retailers with NY connections, but nothing conclusive. The mystery lingers...

@littlepeace: I haven't tried vlogging, but the idea is fun. Maybe if I have the time to play around with video at some point I'll post a clip of me and Aidan playing a classic game of "Oh No Ball." You thinking about vlogging?


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