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Saturday, March 22, 2008

The Madness Dwindles - Slightly

The Madness has been curtailed around here somewhat, since Arizona and Kentucky and Baylor failed to pull off their upsets as (we) planned. However, assuring that bracket fever is still somewhat rampant, K-State, Siena, Davidson, and Texas A&M did win. So we haven't exactly turned off the TV and resorted to sitting in corners crying into our cold drinks.

At the moment, I'm wondering if I should have picked K-State to upset Wisconsin.
Aidan is perfecting his bank shot on his Little Tikes hoop.
Lindsay is examining her bracket, which is taped to the utility closet door, next to mine. She's actually up on me two games, which is a little worrying.
Asher is playing with a furry, stuffed basketball which allegedly belongs to Aidan, a fact that we are frequently forced to discuss.
We're all battling with a cold bug that has the resiliency and shelf life of a rubberized Hostess Twinkie.

I am slowly preparing myself to write a post that doesn't center on NCAA hoops, but I'm not quite there patient with me here, I'm a sick man. Specifically, in the sense that I have a cold and it's March.

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