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Saturday, March 29, 2008

Elite Eight NCAA Bracket Picks (Last Minute)

Tip-off of the UCLA-Xavier game is a few minutes away, so I have just enough time to take another run at calling the NCAA tournament. Here are my final picks for the weekend:

#1 UCLA beats #3 Xavier. Wouldn't surprise me it was another nail-biter, though.
#3 Louisville beats #1 North Carolina. Who's hotter, the Tarheels or the Cardinals? While UNC has been coasting, Louisville has been beating tougher competition. I'm saying it pays off here.
#2 Texas beats #1 Memphis. Once again, the Longhorns' poise and talent will win out. Memphis' free-throwing weakness will hurt 'em.
#1 Kansas beats #10 Davidson. By double digits.

As the KC Star's Jason Whitlock says:
The whole country might have fallen in love with Stephen Curry, his smooth shot and 13-year-old frame, but Kansas fans want him buried on Sunday.

The cute, little story must end, and it’s time for the Jayhawks to take advantage of a bracket that has fed them a 16 seed (Portland State), a terrible 8 seed (UNLV), a lucky-to-get-in 12 seed (Villanova) and now a one-man-band 10 seed (Davidson).

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Bernard Shuford said...

Oh, boy, all the Carolina haters in the world and we gotta put up with Jayhawkers hatin on us, probably because of Roy, too. Dag.

But we're winning right now. There's that. In defensively intense games, too. Hmmmm.


Will Hicks said...

Whoo-hoo, those were some lucky Jayhawks.

Will Robison said...

Okay, been away on vacation for a while, but I've been keeping track of the dance. Kansas looks great. Had a tough go of it against Davidson, but I think they're the better team against UNC. However, so far, the better team has usually lost. I hate UNC. And I hate UCLA. So, I guess you can predict the final game I'm looking for.


Ariel said...

@ Will: Here's the article you're looking for. Players who showed up to play yesterday: Mario Chalmers, Sasha Kaun. Anytime you pull out a win hitting on 2 of 5 cylinders it's lucky in my book.

@ Will: Had a tough go of it against Davidson, but I think they're the better team against UNC.

Good man. I'm concerned about the way Brandon Rush and Darrell Arthur sometimes disappear without warning. If KU gets some production from their stars, it will be a game.


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