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Monday, March 10, 2008

Gearing Up for the Big 12 Tournament

If we had the cash, we would definitely be hanging around the Sprint Center in Kansas City's new Power & Light district later this week when the Big 12 Tournament rolls into town.

The Jayhawks have the #2 seed behind Texas (identical records, but UT won the lone head-to-head game) and is looking for a rematch while chasing a #1 NCAA Tournament seed. The tournament resumes of 5 other Big 12 teams are on the line as well, so bracketology punditry (that's fun to say) will be rampant.

We live about ten minutes from the arena, so the pain of not being there is intense, almost as great as, say, being an MU basketball fan right now.

Fortunately, we do have our minor consolations. Like getting geared up. Asher is pumped. At least I think that's Asher, although he's looking a lot like a four-month-old Joe Thorn these days.

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John B. said...

It looks as though we'll get our wish and see Baylor in the NCAAs.

Once the field of 64+1 is set, I'll throw up a bri-- I mean, a post on the tournament.

In the meantime, Hook 'em!

Ariel said...

Yeah, the Baylor storyline is definitely adding interest for me. If you're a Texas NCAA fan, you have to be happy getting 2, likely 3 teams in. Not bad for Kansas hoops fans either...although I'll have to decide how far "state" rooting can take me.

KState probably won't last long enough to make that an issue...

R. Sherman said...

If I were truly evil, I would photo shop a cartoon balloon onto the above photo which says, "Dad, I really want to go to Mizzou."

But I'm not.

Evil, that is.



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