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Saturday, April 05, 2008

Vintage Jesus (Mark Driscoll) Book Discussion

Just a heads-up: a book discussion group is in the works, most likely to be hosted on a separate site with enhanced discussability options. Mark Driscoll's Vintage Jesus provoked the most interest, so it'll be our first title.

Vintage Jesus is a no-holds-barred introduction to the person of Jesus Christ. Who is he, what did he do, where is he now, why should I care? With cultural savvy and a flair for the dramatic, Driscoll makes these questions very accessible.

If you'd like to jump in at the contributing member/committed reader/cool admin level, you need to do a couple things. 1) Shoot me a note, and 2) grab a copy of the book. On a less involved level, comments on the new site will be open for anyone who wants to throw $0.02 in.

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Matt said...

You've already got me in!

I'm waiting for the book to come in the mail because none of my local bookstores carried it. It should be a few more says at the most.


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