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Friday, April 04, 2008

NCAA Final Four Buzz

I've been holding out a little, but now it's Final Four time. Here are some links to get you started.

Nice Breakdown of the Final Four teams by ESPN's Andy Katz
FOX's Jeff Goodman asks, What Can Cost Each Team the Title?
Goodman, again, (I like the guy) identifies 10 Matchups to Watch in the Final Four - including a bunch of KU-UNC confrontations.
And now, the more Jayhawk focused stuff...
Does KU Want to Run with North Carolina? (Heck yes)
The Kansas 'Oop - with diagrams
The nation's only Objective, Unbiased Analyst Picks KU to Win it All
Hold on to your seats--with four #1 seeds in the Final Four, history is about to be made.

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R. Sherman said...

This is a tad stale, but worth watching. The UCLA types essentially concede the missed call/no call against A&M but basically say, "So what? We're UCLA."

Very funny.


Will Robison said...

After all that's happened to them with the hurricane and all, I think its only right that we give the University of Central Louisiana a break come tourney time. I mean, its not like they're a bunch of preening pompous Southern California guys, right? ;)

Go KU!

Ariel said...

They lost me after they stopped comparing no-calls and started digging up hideous pictures of A&M fans...geez. When a game gets decided by a flagrant no-call, I think the losers are justified in complaining a little.


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