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Wednesday, April 09, 2008

He Will Be Handling Our Financial Accounts From Now On

Aidan is already beginning to run our household. From his crib. He was going down for the night when he told me he needed his water bottle. A fair enough request, on the surface...

But since at any given time there are about a hundred random objects scattered around our loft as if a Mount Vesuvius full of balls and plastic chew toys has just exploded, finding a specific, individual object when desired is not as easy as you might think. So I decided to put Aidan on the spot and let him deal with the immense pressure of finding a single water bottle in a haystack, since he singlehandedly created that haystack.

Me: "Where's your water?"
Aidan: "On table."

And sure enough, when I trotted off to the dining room table rolling my eyes like a jaded valet, there it was. I dutifully retrieved the bottle and handed to Aidan, who was reclining on a pile of pillows and stuffed animals. He smiled appreciatively, acknowledging a job promptly accomplished, and took a swig: "I need this."

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