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Saturday, April 26, 2008

Boy Bites Dinosaur

Aidan was wandering around the kitchen nonchalantly, every so often jumping up to try and grab a box of "bee cereal" (Honeynut Cheerios) off the counter at the apex of his two inch vertical. Eventually he asked me,

"Are you hungry?"

Since Aidan phrases his requests obliquely in the second-person, I said,
"Are you hungry?"

Aidan got the hint, and returned,
"I am hungry!"
Me: "Would you like some bread?"
Aidan: "No, bread too spicy."
Me: "That's a good one. How about an apple or banana?"
Aidan: "Apple or banana...or dinosaur."

So I pulled a small, frozen pterodactly out of the freezer and nuked it for him. They're good with tarter sauce and fresh lemon. And apparently 'dactyl is less spicy than bread, who knew it?

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