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Saturday, April 05, 2008

Jayhawk Run + Bill Self Defense = ?

Tarheel Domination!

Goodbye, Roy Williams, and no hard feelings! I know when to be magnanimous. ;)

Lindsay and I started downing Tums-Alka-Seltzer-Advil cocktails to combat our heartburn, nausea, and general sickness when the Jayhawks forgot how to score for 20 minutes after going up 26--but then Sherron Collins' out-toughed UNC and KU started throwing the ball back inside again.

ROCK CHALK! Bring on Memphis!

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littlepeace said...

I had to go do something else when UNC got within six points. So then I only saw the last 30 seconds of the game. But it was fabulous!

Nathan said...

What a game what a game!

We were up by 4 I was thinking oh crap. But the heart this team showed tonight...

Congrats my friend! (i'm trying to get some friends to go with me to lawrence monday night.)


R. Sherman said...

I've not quite left the pew yet to prance down for the Jayhawk altar call, but I'm getting a little fidgety.


Bernard Shuford said...

Sadness in Heeltown.

Congrats :(

Will Robison said...

I got out of my car to go buy pizza for my youth group and Kansas was having a good early game, leading 15 - 6 at the time. When I got back into the car, they were up 40-12 and I was thinking, "Boy, its really early. UNC could still come back in this one." Thank God for KU waking up just in time. The game kind of reminded me of the time James Bond jumped off the giant dam, only to recover at the very last second. James Bond may just be about the only bad-ass that KU doesn't have on its bench. I'm thinking KU should win easily tonight.

Ariel said...

@ Littlepeace, towards the end of the game we were pacing, fist-pumping, and doing push-ups during commercials to dispel the tension. (I was doing push-ups anyway.) More of the same tonight, I don't doubt.

@ Nathan, Lawrence insane these days. I tried to get Aidan to go out there with me, but he preferred staying home and shooting on his Little Tikes hoop.

@ Sherman, you'd better get in the aisle NOW!

@ Bernard, you went down with class. UNC will be knocking on that particular door again pretty soon.

@ Will:
James Bond may just be about the only bad-ass that KU doesn't have on its bench. I'm thinking KU should win easily tonight.

Ha ha! I'd like it to be an easy win, but I think this one will be a dogfight. However, if the Jayhawks get tired of Memphis hogging the national media spotlight and come in with a major chip on their shoulder...you never know.


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