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Monday, April 28, 2008

Adventures in Infant Espionage

Lindsay and her mom were loading Aidan into his car seat when he paused as if he wanted to start a conversation and said, with emphasis, "OH. MY. GOSH!"

Quick reaction from "Mimi":

"No, don't say that. Where did you hear that? Who says that?"
Aidan: "Papa say, 'Oh. My. Gosh!'"
Mimi: "Well, he shouldn't."

Grandpa was in some hot water, but with that little mystery solved, Lindsay ran back inside to retrieve something she'd forgotten, this being a predictable trait of attractive women--they forget things. But the show was just getting started. Aidan leaned back in his car seat, crossed one leg over the other, and preceded to inform his grandma about the profane state of the world.
"Papa say 'Oh my gosh!'"
"Mimi say, 'Dadgummit!'"
"Mommy say, 'Darn it!'"
"Daddy say, 'Crap!'"

Daddy say "Wow." As Lindsay later commented, "Shaming, but oh-so hilarious." There was only one thing to do in response to Aidan's devastating opening round of infant espionage. We paid him off with a gummy worm, and decided to immediately go public with to remove any opportunity for further extortion.

Honesty is the best policy.

And of this moment, for as long as we breath, we will never, ever cuss again for the rest of our lives. Ever. Not even with made-up cuss words that sound shocking even though they don't mean anything. Nope, our cussing days are over. Done, finis, like Missouri's Final Four appearances.

Unless we stub our toe really, really hard...

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John B. said...

Well sir. You are seeing yourselves through the eyes of a child--your own, no less. Humbling, eh?

This reminds me of Art Linkletter's trick during his House Party days when he'd ask the kids, "What's something that your mom and dad told you not to say today?" And out of those angelic mouths would come all sorts of less-than-angelic things. Lindsay's right: mortifying, but hilarious.

littlepeace said...

Ha ha. :) I said "Oh Lord" once when I was little because I'd heard it on an old time radio show tape and didn't know what it really meant. My mom just about had a heart attack when I said it and I ended up in tears.

Andy said...

Better the "gosh" and "darn its" and "shoots" rather than the real thing - a battle, I daresay, for many of us, even as Christians.

John said...

That is SO hilarious. I love the "Dadgummit!"

Manna said...



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