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Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Proof that People Everwhere Should Read This Blog

If BitterSweetLife featured the little complimentary blurbs that some blogs have in the sidebar, this one would be close to perfect:

Just wanted to give a BIG THANKS, used the majority of you picks and took 1st in one pool and 2nd in the other. Kansas as National Champs put me over the top in both.
I will have a beer in your honor tonight!!!!

WOW. I can hardly describe how this made me feel, other than to say that the warm glow began in my toes and raced through my limbs and torso, quickly reaching my head, which swelled slightly.

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must_decrease said...

Let me be the first to help with that "swelling" you mention. The respective pools your encourager must have been rather weak, for a quick review of your own picks ala CBS sports/facebook find you woefully lagging behind in points of your very own bracket contest.

This of course coming from the one who reigns victorious in your bracket challenge. appears I have my own "swelling" problem to deal with

Will Robison said...

On the other hand, I followed your suggestion and took Kansas to win it all as well. Tomorrow, I'm enjoying my victory lunch at work.

Ariel said...

@ must_decrease, I was kind of hoping that particular bracket contest would go by the wayside... Let's put it this way: In pools where no one picked KU to win it all, my picks were truly impressive and awesome.

In pools where multiple people had "insider" knowledge of the Jayhawks--not so much.

Am I right, Will? :)


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