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Friday, April 18, 2008

Look Out for those Flying Bellyflops

Lindsay expressed surprise (that's a euphemism for shocked, somewhat-hysterical screaming) this morning when she was lying on the living room floor with her eyes closed and Aidan did a flying belly flop (she thinks) right on top of her. I was not an eyewitness, you understand, only looking over with mild interest when I heard the commotion.

Time for an incident report.

Me: Uh, what just happened?
Lindsay: I was lying here with my eyes closed and Aidan did a belly flop right on top of me.
Me: Seriously? I mean, seriously: you were lying on the carpet with your eyes closed? What did you expect to happen?
Lindsay: I was tired!
Me, to Aidan: It's OK, kiddo, keep your head up. You were the victim here.

Sometimes I just have to pause and contemplate the environment of semi-controlled madness in which we live. Wow.

I just wish I could have captured this episode with some flash photography.

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Will Robison said...

Anyone who has a large dog or toddler should know that lying on the floor and closing your eyes is akin to chumming the water with your own bloody leg. ;)


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