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Tuesday, April 08, 2008

James Bond Quantum of Solace Movie Buzz

Lindsay baked some KU celebration cookies, and Aidan and Asher joined us to watch live coverage of the Jayhawk Championship celebration in Lawrence, so with a sense of closure and lingering satisfaction, I can turn to other news...

Like James Bond movie stuff.

We liked the heightened realism and more sympathetic portrayal of Bond in 2006's Casino Royale, so we're interested to see where Quantum of Solace, the next installment of the "new Bond" films will head. If you recall, Royale ended with Bond's girl betraying him and then dying--so we can safely conjecture that the Daniel Craig we see in Quantum will be emotionally cooler and understandably bitter...

My question: How will the jaded Bond begin to fit that classic JB profile (cold-hearted killer and philanderer) without losing our sympathy along the way? And, related but different: Other than sounding very mod, what is the phrase "Quantum of Solace" meant to convey?

The Bond buzz summarized by Peter Chattaway doesn't answer these questions, but it does drop a few other hints about the new film.

Observation: Judging from the movie poster, looks like Bond starts toting automatic weapons in this one.

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littlepeace said...


At the victory celebration in Lawrence, I mean. Not with James Bond.

Ariel said...

It looked like a rocking celebration despite the weather. Self is quite the MC, selling the Kansas hoops program at every opportunity.


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