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Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Bill Self: Coach at Oklahoma State or Kansas?

There's been a lot of talk, especially among hopeful MU fans, that Bill Self might reach for the big bucks and go become head coach at his alma mater, Oklahoma State. I think Joe Posnanski has a pretty good read on the Self coaching situation:

This is a question of paying one of the best college coaches in the business as if he’s, well, one of the best college coaches in the business. Kansas is not a small-market program. Kansas claims to be elite, there with Kentucky, Carolina, Duke, Indiana, now Florida — well, those schools are paying their coaches a lot more money than Kansas plays Self. And ask yourself this if you’re a Kansas fan: Would you trade Self for any coach? Self wants what everyone wants. He wants more money, sure. More than that, he wants security. And perhaps more than that, he wants to feel as if Kansas values him more than any school in America would.

For my money, Self will stay at KU. Lew Perkins will make sure it happens.

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DanCovington said...

Better make your plans to be in Lawrence Sunday afternoon; can you say "Parade"?

Nathan said...

I'm finally recovered from being in Lawrence Monday night for that game. We were at Johnny's and it was nuts. Mass st was nuts. My goodness it was awesome!!!!



PS I think those free throw misses were tired legs. Cal usually subs those guys at the 8 mark and he said he didn't this game. It showed.


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