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Monday, April 21, 2008

Going Paperless Not All it's Made Out To Be

I love paper and have a nostalgic longing for the days when professors would sacrifice some section of a tree, probably a small branch, to print out syllabi for all the students and give them out in class. Or better yet, when full-color copies of class notes were produced.

Now we're expected to have accessed the syllabus online and printed off our own copies (killing trees anyway), which involves so much extracurricular effort that half the class doesn't know what's going on for the first several weeks of the semester.

There was supposed to be these happy vibes of green good feeling that washed over us when we started making efforts to go paperless, and I'm just not feeling them.

On the day I finally have a home office, I will put paper on the walls. A calendar, marked up with multicolored inks. Sports pages from March 2008. Procedural diagrams I frequently refer to, like how to plant and cultivate churches and coffee beans.

And I'll revel in the sheer, historical paperfluity of it.

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