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Friday, April 04, 2008

Love that Crimson & Blue Jayhawk Rap

The KU-UNC showdown is the late game tomorrow, which means you have enough time to play this awesome Rock Chalk Rap at least a couple dozen times before tip-off. Aidan digs it. Big head nod to BicMedia.

Highlights: "A quick whipping for them hippies up at Portland State "..."Your Cinderella story's boring me"..."C'mon everybody, storm the court, 'cause we've got a score to settle with that ol' boy Roy"..."Shake it like it's Final Four"

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ally said...

You're kinda popular. This entry just got linked on the facebook group "KU Basketball: Our Team Is Better Than Yours". Congrats. :-P

Ariel said...

Nice. The dude who created this rap is a genius, I hope he's getting a lot of credit.

Benjamin said...

Woot! This makes a Rocky Top (football, mind you) fan excited about KU. LOL. Great chant, awesome remix. ;)


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