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Monday, April 14, 2008

BarCampKC - Looking for a Few Good Bloggers

Interested in meeting some local bloggers and talking about how you became the _____ (insert appropriate adjective) blogger you are?

Coming up May 10 is BarCampKC, "a conference about presenting on the projects you're passionate about, involving your friends and colleagues, getting inspired by others, and meeting some talented and creative folks you'd likely not run into otherwise."

Why do I mention this?

Coordinator Pete Thomas invited me to participate in a "haphazard" panel of non-techie bloggers. As he says, "You guys would show up Saturday to hang out and at some point start a q&a thing that was as formal or as informal as you like -- standing around with coffees in your hand just chilling and discussing..." I could go for that.

We'd toss around questions like:

  • Who: Who are you? How much of the real you is in your blogging vs. how much do you leave out or suppress? Who visits your blog? Who do you tell about your blog vs. who you don't?
  • What: What do you find yourself blogging most about? What annoys you most about running your blog?
  • Where: Where do you blog from in terms of physical space (living room, office, coffee shop, anywhere I feel like it, etc.)
  • When: When do you write your posts? When (and why) did you start blogging?
  • Why? Why blog? Why does your blog exist?
  • How? How did you get started blogging? How do you maintain the energy and motivation to keep blogging? How do you blog, technically (e.g., on a laptop, on a mobile device, on my home pc, on my work pc, on a mac vs. a pc, etc.)
Another perk: Some people from KC's local coffee bean company, The Roasterie, will also be presenting, so this wouldn't be the only non-technical panel present. Here's the rub:

For this panel to work out, I need 3-5 more KC-area bloggers to participate. If this sounds like something you'd be interested in doing, shoot me a note. Visualize a meet & greet with a little structure thrown in. :)

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pete said...


Thanks for giving this panel a shot and I hope it works out. Since 2008 is our first try at a Kansas City BarCamp, who knows how it will transpire. I will venture a guess that those of us who show up will have an interesting morning/afternoon!


Scott said...

I'm kinda interested. Is it a problem that on top of being a coffee blogger, I am a techie too?


pete said...


Nope it does not matter. Ariel's point (originally my point) is that you don't need to be technically inclined to be part of blogging panel.

If you are a bit of a techie it just means you might find deeper interest in some of the other sessions running around this one.


Ariel said...

Pete beat me to the punch there. You're a coffee blogger--all the more reason to show.

John B. said...

You may know that I passed your name on to Pete, so you have me to thank/curse. I can't be there myself but would be if I could; I just wanted to say, though, that I'm glad to see you taking the ball and running with it, coffee in hand.

Ariel said...

Thanks, John. I heard a rumor it was you who dropped my name in the hat--which definitely upped my interest in BarCampKC. Too bad you can't make it out here for the event...that would be fun. We'll see if we get a quorum here. If not, there's always next time.

Faith said...

Just found your blog in the most random, round-about way possible, and wanted to let you know there's a whole pool of bloggers from around town that might feel comfy with joining a forum like this. I'd be happy to, for one. I know of a couple others who might as well. I'll look into how to get in on the action...

(jeff)isageek said...

I am a local blogger/geek as well :)

Tony said...

I might be interested. E-mail me.

Nightmare said...

Faith led me here and I would be interested in playing!

Markus said...
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