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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Kansas City Coffee Shops: Reviewed

The UNews of of the University of Missouri-Kansas City recently reviewed four local coffee shops, a couple of which I haven't been to before. Fortunately, it sounds like I'm not missing much. As you'd expect if you live in Kansas City, the Roasterie Cafe won the highest marks. Against competition like that, the other contestants didn't stand a chance.

However, that relates somewhat to the selected field, which was pretty weak. I'm wondering why the UNews writer didn't visit The Filling Station (they need a good website) or The Broadway Cafe, both of which are with a mile or so of the campus, and both of which can give the Roasterie Cafe a run for its money.

Do I need to point out that all the top cafes around Kansas City are local, as opposed to being national chains? Didn't think so.

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littlepeace said...

Oh my gosh, the bloody Muddy's coffee tastes like blood and cheese!

And I thought I had an odd mind.


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