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Thursday, April 10, 2008

Free Music from Shearwater & Great Lake Swimmers

As a follow-up to yesterday's free MP3 album from Matador Records, here's some more free music for you. John B. informed me that Shearwater has a couple freebies available at, and that jogged my memory so that I remembered I'd picked up an MP3 from Great Lake Swimmers there as well.

Coincidentally, the latest albums from the two groups both feature large, full-color birds on the album art, which makes it fun to post them side by side. Shearwater's Cockatoo (am I right there?) compliments Great Lake Swimmers' Golden Eagle (pretty sure on that one) quite nicely.

Just scroll about halfway down the pages and you'll see the download links next to the song titles (under the inline music player).

If you spend anytime at all on the site, you'll notice that for a free music service, they make a lot of free tracks available. And that's "free" in the legally free sense. I'm a fan.

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R. Sherman said...

Query turning off comments for the post immediately after this one? You know, the one with the cute Google search string?

I bow in your general direction but say strength comes with suffering.

I think there's something in Ecclesiastes about that in the context of the twenty foot jump shot.



Ariel said...

I still think Anderson is a better coach than he appears to be at the moment. Surrounding circumstances have a way of coloring impressions during these times of MU tribulation...

I didn't realize comments were off on the Google post, oops. Now they're open if you have anything else you need to get off your chest. ;)


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