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Monday, April 07, 2008

Asher Battles the Octopus

Photo # 1: Octopus Attack! Asher is momentarily caught off guard. Momentarily.

People who meet Asher in person assume he is a two-foot tall politician 24/7, always schmoozing and glad handing, charming people with that toothless grin. Those of us who know Asher intimately realize there is more to him than the glowing public persona. Asher has a tough side, a mean streak, if you will. True, he loves socializing and genuinely enjoys being around people. But you'd better think twice about getting in his way. In this photo series, captured recently by hidden camera, Asher reveals a dangerous wild side.

Photo # 2. The Struggle. Asher's like, You have eight arms and ink, but I'll take you to the mat with my gums if I have to! GWAAAH!

Photo # 3. Victory! As quickly as it began, the fight is over. With devastating efficiency and predatorial instinct, Asher disables his attacker. Equilibrium is restored and for the moment, all is calm.

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