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Sunday, April 06, 2008

8 Things You Probably Didn't Know

Sherry, one of the blogosphere's foremost book and history buffs, tagged me with at "eight things" meme. Here are the rules, which I intend to flagrantly disregard: Each player lists 8 facts/habits about themselves. The rules of the game are posted at the beginning before those facts/habits are listed. At the end of the post, the player then tags 8 people and posts their names, then goes to their blogs and leaves them a comment, letting them know that they have been tagged and asking them to read your blog.

OK, 8 things. I'll do everything I can to make these moderately interesting, even if I have to shamelessly fabricate them. In fact, I guarantee that one of these 8 things is an outright lie...

1. When I played pickup basketball in Chiapas, Mexico, about a decade ago, I was considered a player of above average height with professional potential.

2. When I was sixteen, I was indentured to a Marine-style Basic Training for eight weeks and learned how to, among other things, take a 30-second shower.

3. I am picking the Jayhawks to beat Memphis tonight. KU 83 / Memphis 75

4. Before the summer is over, I intend to submit a book proposal to half a dozen publishers.

5. When Lindsay and I initially "met," her first impression was a very good one--but it was based only on the back of my head, since I was sitting in a meeting, several rows in front of her. Needless to say, I've been trying to live up to the impossibly high standard set by the back of my head ever since.

6. I'm a big fan of old movies, especially those film noir flicks starring dudes like Humphrey Bogart and Robert Mitchum.

7. My first car was a 1982 midnight blue Ford Mustang that guzzled gas and
made metallic shimmy-shanging sounds when I started it, but it came with Jayhawk license plate holders (which is probably why I bought it).

8. If push comes to shove, my favorite Kansas City bar-b-q joint is Jack Stack. Bar-b-q is high on my personal food chain, and in all my experiences, in-state and out, Jack Stack burnt ends are unbeatable.
Done! If you feel a nagging impulse toward self-disclosure, I hereby nominate you to assure that this meme has posterity and lives to a ripe old age, surrounded by its grandchildren, great-grandchildren, great, great-grandchildren, etc.

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Bernard Shuford said...

I am like, so sure, about #1...

Ariel said...

Ha, #1 is totally legit! I'm dead serious. What can I say, people aren't as tall down in southern Mexico...

littlepeace said...

#5 is absolutely hilarious, especially if true.

Sherry said...

Thanks for the compliment . . . and the information. I nominate #7 as the fib.

Ariel said...

The people have spoken, and correctly--#7 is the fabrication. And #5, yeah...it's true. I wish I had all the character and style embodied by the back of my noggin.


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