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Sunday, April 13, 2008

The Taste of Coffee (Memory of Flavor)

The Roasterie's Brandon Briscoe writes an insightful piece on how our minds help us navigate the elusive, subjective world of coffee taste. Excerpt:

Activities like drinking your morning cup of coffee or sitting around a well-cooked meal with the family are similar in the fact that they are personal to you. Your personal experience has a lot to do with what you taste. Drawing on personal experience and memories and tying it to your current experience is the most exciting aspect of food and beverage tasting. While there is nothing wrong with calling your coffee “strong” it doesn’t give the people you are experiencing the moment with a meaningful frame of reference and it certainly doesn’t challenge your palate to explore.

So if you're tempted to describe your favorite blend as "a Saturday morning variety that compliments pancakes with real maple syrup," go for it. Just don't try to redeem awful beans with a nice environment. That will only work once or twice...

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Anonymous said...

That was a really good article and so true. Tastebud does a good job and is the best local foodie pub.

- Thomas M.


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