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Saturday, March 24, 2007

Jayhawks to Create UCLA Ruins

Teddies Will Hit Brick Wall

KU and UCLA will tip off in about five hours and Jason King of the KC Star runs down the matchups player by player and declares that the Jayhawks will be victorious.

So what, you say. Of course King wants KU to win. He lives in Kansas City.

To which I would concede, You may have a point. But if you don't have the home town crowd, what have you got?

I have been delaying this moment as long as possible--the moment when I'll simply have to clench my fists and call the final score of this game. I admit that I'm nervous. My friend Will and I used to write insulting NCAA rhymes deriding each other's teams and scrawl them on each other's bunk beds with Sharpie markers. (This was back in the olden days of ALERT search and rescue.) Will is a die-hard Bruins fan. And he is nervous.

All fans everywhere of either team in this game have excellent reason to be nervous. Nevertheless, scores must be called. This will be an ugly, grind-it-out game with spurts of run & gun athleticism. There will be numerous ties and lead changes. But KU will win it.

Jayhawks 74
Bruins 69

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Micah said...

...and then

Florida: 87
Kansas: 79

Go Gators!

Andrew & Alaina said...

Tough night. My husband is very depressed... And with Butler's loss last night - all in all a disappointing tourney.

jason said...


I wouldn't post this except that you're a KU fan. And I noticed that your KU posts really started to amp over the last week or so.

Look at it this way, you made it out of the first round.

R. Sherman said...

Schadenfreude? Yes.

Beneath me? No.


Ariel said...

We're on the rebound over here. All in all, this was a good year for KU... I wince when I say that, but that's because the UCLA loss was so ugly. 14 of 33 layups/dunks???

Whenever KU players got within three feet of the rim, their skills were instantly downgraded to middle school level. Maybe even elementary school level!!!

Of course, I'm completely over that now.

UCLA is a very strong team and deserves a lot of credit. Saturday just wasn't KU's day.


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