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Friday, March 16, 2007

Aidan Ready for NCAA Hoops (Weekend Photo)

Once again, Aidan seizes the weekend photo slot. It's pretty much a monopoly at this point, and Lindsay has been trying to negotiate an anti-trust agreement. But unless I go out on a photo shoot or Lindsay gives me some strong material, it's hard to see the situation changing anytime soon. I refuse to be dictated to. I will simply post the best photos I have on hand. Period.

Enjoy the NCAA Tournament this weekend. Against my better judgment, I've posted one of my brackets on Facebook, where it is available for public ridicule now that most of my projected upsets failed to happen. But I did call that Xavier (#9 over #8) win! Ha!

KU wins tonight by 15.

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Andrew & Alaina said...

Very cute picture! My husband is a huge KU fan and rooting for them all the way - despite the fact that we are both IU grads (they do make his it on his list as his 2nd favorite). :) Ah well, he lived in western KS for years. So I guess, Go Jayhawks - unless they play IU. My prediction is that KU will win it all.

Dan Morehead said...

Nice photo.

Ariel said...

Thanks for the photo props! I give all the credit to Aidan.

Indiana gave UCLA a run for their money...after the Jayhawks vanquish the Salukies, the KU-UCLA match-up is going to be must-see. Rock Chalk.


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