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Monday, March 26, 2007

Irritation, a Spiritual Check-Up

I felt pretty good about my spiritual stature when I realized that I had come to terms with never playing in the NBA. A lifelong dream (well, about two years in high school) had been given up and I was OK. Was this maturity or what?

Then I realized that I still got mad when I spilled coffee on myself while driving. This didn't seem like a very promising indicator, but I doggedly maintained hope that I was fast becoming a Lewis-Augustine-Calvin-like giant of the faith.

And then I got married. Suddenly, all claims re: my maturity were up for grabs...

In his humorously jarring book on sin, Not the Way It's Supposed to Be : A Breviary of Sin, Cornelius Plantinga Jr. outlines the true significance of our reactions to life's little irritations:

We all deal daily with annoyances. The first motorist in a green arrow left-turn lane is often some dreamer who lurches forward like a startled hippo just after the arrow has come and gone. Dental hygienists address older and wiser patients by their first names. We toss sixteen socks into a dryer but get only fifteen back. Such incidents are mere nuisances, and healthy people absorb them like small bursts of extra chlorine in their drinking water. [emphasis mine]

Maybe I haven't arrived quite yet.

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Ariel said...

I just re-read this post. Actually, Lindsay read it, and pointed out a couple things that made me start laughing out loud as I rushed to the computer to add this note.

Things I am not saying:

Marriage should be considered one of life's great irritations.
Lindsay should be considered one of life's great irritations.
Before I got married, the only irritations in my life came from spilled coffee.

OK. Now I feel more lucid.

Although, as I reread my qualifications above (I'm rereading everything now today), it strikes me that I could take those first two and run with 'em...expand them into a really humorous, truthy post about married life and character formation...

I'd better not. ;)

gymbrall said...

Man kills self with blog post. News at 11.


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