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Friday, March 30, 2007

Aidan at the Park (Weekend Photos 2)

I know you're all waiting for your weekend Aidan fix (credit Lindsay for the mad camera skillz)...

It seemed only fair to give Aidan the bigger weapon to make the fight as even as possible.

Aidan especially liked this tunnel, which showed up the hues of his awesome shirt (of which I am very jealous).

Aidan and I relax before beginning the strenuous hike back to our loft building (in the background).

Lindsay snapped this shot while we were right in the middle of a serious theological conversation! Talk about an interruption!

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John B. said...

Nice pics. Spring has indeed spring, no?
By the way: who does Aidan to cut down the nets in Atlanta? Or did his bracket go up in smoke like mine did?

Ariel said...

My bracket went up in smoke. Aidan's is still intact, though. He has UCLA over FL, G-town over OSU, and UCLA as the champions.

He's bound to go wrong somewhere, though.

R. Sherman said...

My kids always beat me, too.

You've got a cute kid. This is where they start becoming fun. He's no longer an infant; he's a little person now.

Way cool.


Andy said...

In a couple of years, that stick will be a plastic "light sabre" while he wears a Jedi outfit.

And pack on some muscle...I occasionally carry my almost 60 lb six year old on my shoulders...

Enjoy...Randall's gets more fun by the day...

John B. said...

Sure: I'll "third" Randall and Andy on the delights of being a parent during toddlerhood.

Next up--language acquisition!


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