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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Jayhawk Buzz: Danny Manning, Hotness, Theology

We're a day away from KU's Sweet Sixteen match-up with Southern Illinois, in which I'm calling for the Jayhawks to beat these dogs (the Salukies) by 18. Some Kansas Basketball news worth mentioning:

Danny Manning, the amazing college player who led the 1988 Jayhawks ("Danny and the Miracles") to their championship, has been tagged as the replacement for assistant coach Tim Jankovich, who was just hired on as head coach at Illinois State. This is a brilliant move by Bill Self. You simply can't go wrong in adding a guy like Manning to your recruiting and coaching staff. The guy is pure class, he's a hoops legend, he can still wax most of the current players in pick-up games, and he clearly brings some theological jones to the (scorer's) table.

This just in from CBSSportsline.com. The Jayhawks are really, really good. (CBS applauds this fact with an impressive mixed metaphor, "Rolling on all Cylinders.) Thanks for noticing, fellows.

Finally, attempting to contribute to "the important field of Basketball & Theology," Tim engages in some musings re: the Jayhawks:

Chalmers and Wright—the whole team really—play with this assertive nonchalance that assumes greatness without getting trapped in hubris. It seems akin to the natural effortlessness with which new Christians share their faith. With something so important at hand of course inexperience shouldn’t hold one back, right?
Time to get primed for the game.

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