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Saturday, August 19, 2006

Planetary Mystery: God’s Love

There’s a lot to love and a lot to hate in this world.

Statistically, there’s more to hate, since acts of lust, crimes of passion, and leanings toward vindictiveness far outweigh deeds of virtue and kindness.

In other words, God isn’t lifting his glass (a wineglass, not a grape juice glass) adoringly to the world and saying, “Here’s looking at you, kids”—or rather, he is, but not because of our irresistible good looks.

How come God “so loved the world?” This is one mystery the Bible doesn’t answer, other than to gently posit the facts as they stand: “God is love.” He loves us because that’s the way he is. Huh?

Supernatural reality, taken at face value, only becomes more mind-blowing.

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