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Sunday, August 13, 2006

Back from the Mountains

Aidan looks up

We are back. We were back late Saturday night, but now it’s official. The Colorado trip was a headlong splash into wood smoke and rock dust and alpine air. Now we’re catching our breath, and it’s hard to know where to turn, blogwise.

I could write my memoirs of the trip, including thoughts on what Mountains reveal about human nature (with accompanying photos). The Long’s Peak summit attempt would figure prominently.

Also on tap are a half-dozen great posts I’ve been meaning to link, including additional words on the nihilistic existentialism of Fight Club, and a gritty piece on race relations from someone in the know.

Making a strong push for BitterSweetLife’s first tabloid-style entry is the incredibly egocentric French teenager who’s been staying with my parents for the last month, free of charge. He almost warrants a post of his own.

On top of this is the Mark Driscoll discussion that’s been smoldering on the blog recently, and a slew of other spiritual/theological topics I’ve been waiting to take a swing at. In this stack of fire-starters is one paper labeled, “Are Most Christian Guys Wusses? How To Be ‘Manly?’”

I’ll be getting to some of this soon. You can cast your vote if you want, but no guarantees. Walking through flat, humid Missouri country again is giving me a slight feeling of vertigo.

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R. Sherman said...

My vote is for the mountains. Glad you're back safe.


littlepeace said...

Incredibly egocentric.

Ha ha. That's a good description(of him). :D

Anonymous said...

"...incredibly egocentric French teenager..."

Nah, I really shouldn't go there.

Maybe you could enlighten him.


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