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Sunday, August 06, 2006

Kansas Blog Carnival

My friend John B. over at Blog Meridian is hosting the Kansas Blog Carnival this week, and in tribute to that magnificent state, and to John's typical generosity, I'm encouraging you to head over and enter the Carnival grounds. You need to sign up today (Sunday), which takes all of 60 seconds, so that:

"On Monday dozens (perhaps) of visitors here will see and maybe even click on a link that will bring them to your post--and, of course, your site, if you're into all that stuff about increasing traffic at your blog. At the very least, and far more importantly, you'll be sharing your wit and erudition with a few more people than might otherwise be the case. Which is why y'all took up blogging to begin with, isn't it?"
To qualify for the KU Kansas Blog Carnival, you need to be a Kansas resident, have visited the state, or have thought about the state at least once in the last five minutes. That's right, it's open enrollment.

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John B. said...

Thanks for the plug--and your submission. I hope to see you and your legions of readers drop by my place on Monday.

Nykemartyn said...

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