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Tuesday, August 15, 2006

More Hot Links

As mentioned, I have this short stack of blogs and posts I've been intending to link. One of these admirable blogs is Verashni's The Chronicles of Vash. I've been following Verashni's writing for awhile, and a couple of recent posts pushed her stuff to the top of the pile...

Writers (or wanna-be writers) should take a look at The Write Stuff: "Everyone is an expert at throwing things out on paper (or screen) these days, but that's not writing any more than my juvenile scribbles are art."

Chase that post with
What's Your Flavor, where Verashni takes a stab at the human bent toward "labeling" as it emerges in the context of race: "Once you label me, you negate me.”.. Nonetheless, humanity’s taxonomical fixation has been around forever: from Adam naming the animals in the Garden of Eden to Aristotle’s attempts at categorising all of nature, right up to the here and now."

Solid stuff from an up-and-coming journalist.

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