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Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Mark Driscoll: Coming Soon

As promised (to myself), I've been making my way through Mark Driscoll's new book, Confessions of a Reformission Rev. What I've read so far has been thought-provoking, if not mentally explosive. This raises the question: Is there anything better than reading a book that combines an in-your-face voice with lucid theologizing? The obvious answer is to discuss said book with others.

To this end, a Mark Driscoll discussion will be kicking off here in the next several days. Several of my friends who have also read Confessions will be contributing with their own posts and discussion. (If you'd like to contribute posts as well, having read the book, shoot me an email.) If you are interested in-

1) Theology
2) Humor
3) Controversy
4) Church-planting
5) Out-of-the-box thinking
6) Trashtalk

-I think you'll have some things to say as this series progresses. For those of you new to Driscoll, this Christianity Today interview may be worth a look. Anyway, discussion and (possibly) debate is headed your way.

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massivetruth said...

I tried to interlibrary loan it to no avail. May just have to suck it up and buy me a copy.

Ariel said...

Yeah, due to the book's recent release and the fact that no one is giving away his copy, you've got to put up the cash.

Dustin said...

Ariel said...

"Yeah, due to the book's recent release and the fact that no one is giving away his copy, you've got to put up the cash."

Is it worth the money...and the time?

Ariel said...

"Is it worth the money...and the time?"

I'd qualify my answer by saying: If you are interested in church & contemporary culture (as hinted by the "topic list" above) this book is well worth your time and cash.

e-Mom said...

You've sold me! I've asked my daughter to pick up a copy of this at the Mars Hill bookstore when she attends church on Sunday.

Ariel said...

You've sold me!

Nice. You could probably even wrangle for an autographed copy.


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