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Saturday, August 19, 2006

Earth Is Dying Happy

Fall crept through my nostrils like silver smoke and haunted me again today. There was an aura in the air of something dying that should die, something broken eroding away, a decrepitude that would be eclipsed and transformed by death.

What should I call this sensation? Good death?

This happens to me every year when Summer starts sliding into fall, a subtle kind of Sehnsucht longing. An inaudible siren, just woodsmoke in the air.


I see dead leaves
In thriving grass—
Autumn falls on Summer,
Crushing the hazy warmth
With sweet decay,
And I see in the pattern
Of dwindling fire,
Of welcome passage,
A world that is happily
Passing away.


Finally we'll follow, and I think that in the end, we will not mourn but rather celebrate earth’s first and final birthday.

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Verashni said...

Sehnsucht... what a beautiful word, conveying so much. Me thinks that amorphous, hybrid body of words known as the English language would do well to adopt this beauty. Speaking of beauty: "Autumn falls on Summer,
Crushing the hazy warmth
With sweet decay"
Your poetry captures notions I never would have credited words capable of doing.

Anonymous said...

Your collection of contrasts in this poem really struck a chord with me: Thriving/dead, sweet/decay, Autumn/Summer, happily/passing away, etc. This poem drips of bittersweetness and gave voice to my heart's leanings toward Autumn. This is a Spirit-filled piece. Not many long for the glorious winding down of time as we know it. Keep writing poetry like this. It informs the mind and speaks to the spirit!



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