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Friday, February 01, 2008

Writing Advice from Noel Piper

When I read Noel Piper's post on writing, I was immediately impressed with a couple things, and then conflicted: What to emphasize? Fortunately, the age-old blogging maxim kicked in just then, When in doubt, blog both.

First, Noel's advice on writing is excellent. I know that a good chunk of people who read this blog want to excel at writing--as do I--and I appreciate her input, as a published author. In fact, her suggestions have me thinking about joining a writer's group...something I've never seriously thought about before. (Although to be honest, her Start a writers' group suggestion is the more plausible of the two, since any group I'll be a part of will have to be on my schedule, possibly in my living room, with Aidan taking down the minutes in crayon.) Regardless of what level of proficiency you've reached as a writer, you'll benefit from Piper's input.

Second, Noel Piper's short list of influential writers: WOW! This is suggestion # 2.

Immerse yourself in what you admire.

When you find an author you love to read, read everything you can find by that person. Think of authors whose writing grabs you, then soak yourself in their work. For me, there have been all sorts. It would be hard to pick out just a few, but here's a very random sample: George Eliot, Charlotte Bronte, Edith Schaeffer, Elisabeth Eliot, P.D. James, Alexander McCall Smith.

Great list. Classic can't-miss names, combined with contemporary can't miss names, including my personal favorite mystery author, P.D. James. The simple fact that Noel Piper loves P.D. James ratchets up my esteem for her several levels. :) Never underestimate the power of some well-considered name-dropping.

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